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Full Version: My first demo for the NGP Monochrome
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I'll test it asap Smile
Nice job !
Did you get this to work on hardware? It seems that the video linked at has no sound. I wanted to try it on my NGPC, but it didn't seem to boot.
I tested the demo on my NGP and NGPC with your FlashMasta and it works on both.

For the video maybe you don't have the audio codec ?
Did you try with VLC media player ?
(there's no sound at the beginning of the video).

You're right. The audio works on VLC. I think Quicktime opened it before.

I'll have to try again on the Flash Masta cart. Maybe I just did something stupid. In fact, the cart I used was one that was set aside to not sell, so maybe there's a problem with it. Smile
Did it work ?
It works on my ngpc with flavor's cart