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Nige Ron Pa - English Translation
(02-03-2017, 07:14 AM)Loïc Wrote: It's rather easy to change the menu width...

in the picture, you can see a resized menu translation and Windcrosser menu translation.

Oh, nice!!!

Keep in mind that this works well for menus, but dialogue/story text will get much wider if you use a fixed-width font.
Card Fighters' Clash 2 English Translation ( )
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Unfortunately, increasing the length of menu text have an impact on the job display menu.
If I reduce the size of the unemployed status, it's OK, but I don't understand the job system yet.
Still working on it, after finishing the character stats menu, I'll change names, item description to see what the result look like.

edit : characters/monsters names changed. works fine except at character name change, but I'll have to rewrite the function.

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for those who may be interested, here's an IPS patch of an early Nigeronpa translation.

It contains all name translations (name input is still Japanese, but default name is translated).
Near complete menu translation/resize.

All spells/items have English text, though they are not really translated.
Item description is also in English, but it's google garbage and not resized to fit in the description field.

The ROM size is doubled as I used that space to insert new/longer strings, an add the save patch so it could be used on NGPC hardware.
New ips, of the current WIP.

Most japanese text is replaced.
Basic English name input for new game start.
Merchant/fighting/general menu are all translated.

There's a glitch with wearable items. The buff/debuff indicator are replaced with some erroneous tiles.
Some fighting effect might still be untranslated.
Sometimes, in-game, your party members may talk to you. This part still contains Japanese too.

All the text lines from npc are replaced by generic text. I've tried to do some basic translation with google but it's too random Undecided

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