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Full Version: Kikouseki Unitron (Biomotor Unitron 2) Translation
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I've been bugging Flavor to help me on this the last couple of days. I'll be adding more information here and other sites if Flavor doesn't mind.

I'm working to build the table today/tomorrow and may hopefully have something for flavor/the scene soon.

Flavor Wrote:I'm very convinced that this table is the one. With my utter lack of Japanese knowledge, it's very hard for me to match characters in words/sentences, but I've found enough stuff to confirm my theory.

For example, I found the main menu at ROM Offset 0x14A67. It looks like
745480 7468A0D5

(74 would be the character in the 7th row and 4th column in the table below)

Anyway, the text is all there, and I could extract it to a script if I had a good conversion table to pull them out as SJIS characters.

There's a lot more to it than this, but essentially I'm convinced that the game text is all here. Extracting, editing/translating, and reinserting it all is no minor task, though.

Update: 3-18-13

I've been working on this off and on. I'm currently working to still remain all the monsters, items, item descriptions, and champions of the Arena.

Additionally I'm working on the In-Game Fighting Chooses and action descriptions.

So, at least now you know who you are fighting, their attributes and what you're doing.

If you didn't know, you can't simply charge for EP anymore, nor does your EP replenish after each fight. You need to have your Heller (Pet) level up in your TRUCK (TRK) and while in battle, you would select charge and your TRK will actually replenish your EP based on the EP your Pet has.

[Image: 2nlgzfo.png]

Main Menu

[Image: 11j9r3o.png]

In Dungeon Menu

[Image: 3145ut3.png]

In Combat Menu

[Image: 2jeb4ur.png]

First Dungeon Main Screen

[Image: 343gcj8.png]

Dungeon Map Selection Screen

[Image: 5n0kn9.png]

In Town Map Selection Screen

[Image: 2dky81l.png]

Verify slot for saving your new game screen

[Image: fymyh5.png]

Shows open slots when starting or loading a game

[Image: 30ngi3b.png]

Parts List Collection from Main Menu

[Image: 2yybgqg.png]
Thanks for posting this. I think it's not too far of a stretch to be able to inspect (or maybe extract) the game text with this info. The first step would be to build a table (maybe a .tbl file) using the symbol table shown.

Also, note that the main menu
"MAIN MENU = メイン メニュー"
turns out to be the
"745480 7468A0D5"
that I mentioned if you look up each character in the table (just as confirmation). As a simple test, I'll edit that piece and see if I can get it to say MAIN MENU. If so, I'll email the screenshot to wyndcrosser and let him add it.
Table is almost complete.

There was space for extra characters, but I think I may need to watch out how much I take off.

Typing out the full title of the first menu, messed up the placement of all the menus. So I'm going to have to go back and verify the pointers.

[Image: 6sxmp0.png]
For now, until you really 100% understand the structure of the pointers/strings, stick with keeping the length the same as the original. You have to get pretty creative sometimes.

Maybe "NEW GAME" is just "NEW " or "NEW GM"

It gets tough, because you can say way more with Japanese characters than English letters.
I found the pointers and boy does it make stuff hard lol
Removed. Incorrect kanji
[Image: 11j9r3o.png]

Here is the menu completed.

HLP is HELP aka a Manual, but I don't have enough room
This is the basic way to edit menus. It definitely works for someone that wants to just play the game and get through the menu systems.

However, this technique will be very difficult to employ for dialog and storyline. I think decoding the symbol table is important, but I think the next step will be to figure out how to extract the text and re-insert it.

Coincidentally, raohmaru has just discussed how he did this for the CFC2 edits he's making. The best part is that he's using common tools instead of a custom-made tool like I used on my CFC2 hacking. I think this can apply to Biomotor 2, so I asked him if he'd come in here and enlighten us a bit. Hopefully he'll oblige.
I did a bit more snooping in the ROM. It's pretty crazy. There's not like a pointer table and then the text. There's like tons of small pointer tables strewn about, and most of them are followed by a block of text. This may make dumping the text fairly difficult.

Here's some examples of where to find some ptr tbls.
sounds great to me. here is the table without the Kanji.
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