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Full Version: Playing Translations On Your GBA
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If you're looking for a way to play your favorite translation on your GBA, GB Micro, etc., check out the above URL. There are plenty of interesting games out there to try, and there are plenty of carts to go around. Just leave a comment here or there, and I'll get in touch with you.
I also have one of these flash cart and reader combos if you need help circa like 2001 or 2002
I had one of these from BUNG for GB/GBC that I ended up selling to someone on YouTube. I still have my GBA one but that hooks up directly to my GBA I/O port.
I have/had one of those. It did usb to the gba port, and the gba booted from that and then flashed the cart. I can't find it. Sad
It really was quite a bit nicer than the BUNG units that went through parallel ports.
I recall using my USB one, but it had to go through a USB to parallel adapter lol. Awww the good old days of trying to make your obsolete computer do "new" things...