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Full Version: Densetsu no Orge Battle - English Translation
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I have found the text table within this game as well. I will look into it once I finish biomotor unitron 2. You will see below I translated the first sentence of the game (Update: Has since been fixed to "Select a save/slot". The other user saved me time in creating my own table with this information, so thanks again.

Main Menu

[Image: startgame.png]

Japanese first sentence

[Image: firstscreenjap.png]

The initial introduction screen up until the name entry screen has been translated.

[Image: ob1m.png]

[Image: ob2k.png]

[Image: ob3s.png]

[Image: ob4.png]

[Image: ob5.png]

[Image: ob6z.png]

[Image: ob7.png]
I think it's worth noting here that there is another thread discussing Translating this game.

Maybe they should be merged? The other has some good, potentially useful, info already.
I thought about that. That's where I got the table from after I spent an hour making one lol from scratch.
I have updated the following...

Save/Load initial screen
Tarot Card Screen (except after you choose the last card and you get some additional information).
The unit/item, etc screen is all done in graphics, so I've only done ITEM yet, the rest I have to look up.
Unit/TRPS/Money were translated as well.
You're just doing this by hand now, right? I mean you're not dumping the script, editing that, and re-inserting it.

Great progress in a short time! Thanks!!!
Here is the newest Edition

This has the initial Tarot Screen/Login Screen
In Map and On Map Icon Names
Random Character and Items named.
Few other items.

Did this while waiting for my BM2 story to come back from my spell checker.
Still working on here as well
Great job! Waiting for more Big Grin
Signed up here, in hopes of cheering this one on. I am a HUGE fan of this series, and have wanted to play this one for years. I look forward to a complete version some day. Smile
might be awhile, but at least it's a start.
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