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Full Version: Nige Ron Pa - English Translation
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(02-27-2018, 11:12 AM)wyndcrosser Wrote: [ -> ]Nice work, I did some work on this, but looks like you're a lot further then me. What are you missing now?

I'm still missing the texts from party members dialogs. (and thus it's translation)
The way they managed them is a little odd. It's address + offset based, the offset coming from a table + some computation, but the main address not directly readable...
It's something like LD XIY,(0x22F008), whereas all other cases I've seen are like LD XIY, 0x23AA1B (the value at 0x22F008 address).

I'm also missing all the licence/job related parts. I did a partial translation of their menu.

A few lines of the main story are untranslated. I think I should manage to guess them... And the main story text must be adapted to feel more "natural".

Find everything else I may have missed Undecided

Properly rewrite the name input function. And once the game is playable, see if I can change the text display functions tu use smaler and proportional fonts.

write a trainer, the first non random encounter was really tough, even with an enhanced character.


Edit : all the missing text should be extracted now.
Hi all,

here's the latest Nigeronpa english translation build.
Some texts are missing, job/task translation is replaced by generic text string. Item name need to be reworked.

Most japanese to english texts were translated by Jin-Rawx from Reddit forum.

Here's a new build.

the game still miss hireable character description translation, and have an issue with "random" teammate dialogs.
The link-up menu is not yet transated.
Graphical bug when dealing with equipable objects menu.
Some untanslated main story dialogs and some that have bad translation.
Objects/monsters name should be reworked

Overall, the game seems playable. There's a bug when you improve your HQ. If you select an improvement, then cancel you choice, you still pay though the upgrade won't be done. The bug occurs in the original game too.

when your nigh finish version disappear in a hard drive crash Angry
(04-01-2018, 04:26 AM)Loïc Wrote: [ -> ]when your nigh finish version disappear in a hard drive crash Angry

No way!  Did you lose a LOT of work?  That's horrible!
(04-03-2018, 01:52 AM)Flavor Wrote: [ -> ]No way!  Did you lose a LOT of work?  That's horrible!

I lost more than 2 months of updates.
The last binaries posted here are more up-to-date than my last backup sources.

I started to re-integrate in my sources the differences between this build and my remaining sources, but I must have offended some hard-drive god, because I also lost my newly modified sources in a notepad++ save crash (the first time I experiment this problem)...

I'm still in the rebuilding process now.

I lost a version where only the party member bio was missing, along with the link-up menu and some license point bonus item that were untranslated.
Damn, that's never fun. Did you lose much else?
It was a professional laptop, so yes, I've lost a little more, mostly personal tools, but most important files were stored on remote server, so nothing too bad, that's just really annoying !
I feel for you, Loïc. I'm sorry that this has happened. This is super frustrating. I hope you can recover.
Thanks for your concern Ed,
that will be ok, it's just annoying ^^
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