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Full Version: R2 -> R3 hack?
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A random thought just occurred.... considering all the random crappy KoF hacks that have been made over the years, how about doing something worthwhile like hacking KoF R2 into R3?

I suppose it'd just be a case of a few new backgrounds and deciding which characters/game to base it on.

Unless of course someone does have a real R3 proto and fancies sharing Tongue
To make it worth everyone's time, we would actually truly need to hack it, incredibly new characters and moves. If all we did was backgrounds, palette swaps, etc. it would be like R-2 Part 2. So, in that case, I'd have to say "I'm out", because I don't quite have that knowledge.

I really am trying to learn programming at the moment, because I'd like to hack Metal Slug and make a 3rd mission, or develop a windjammers game.