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Full Version: 32M Pocket Linker
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I have one of these and am looking to sell it. Looking for advice on how much these are worth and where my best bet is to sell it?

Thanks so much!

More hi-res pics at
(01-06-2015, 04:32 AM)bill55 Wrote: [ -> ]I have one of these and am looking to sell it. Looking for advice on how much these are worth and where my best bet is to sell it?

Thanks so much!

Hey Bill! The question of how much it's worth is a tricky one. If you do have a price in mind, please let us know. There are people here (like myself) that might be interested in purchasing the kit.

Is this thread yours? If not, at least there's some pricing info to consider.
Sorry...misunderstood when you asked about the thread being mine. (Thought you meant this one. lol) No. That other thread is not mine

I have no idea on price. They seem pretty rare these days. I couldn't find hardly anything on them and zero eBay auctions which I was surprised of. Makes it hard to tell on price.

I have a CIB Anthracite system as well.
eBay will usually take this sort of hardware off their site, so most people don't sell them there.

They are definitely rare, and they were worth more about 5 years ago. The main problem is that most people no longer have a parallel port, so it's quite difficult to use this old hardware.

I was surprised to find a recent listing on AssemblerGames, but it suggests that the guy is lowering his price periodically (down to $100 at the moment). I would have guessed that this was in the right range for a collector, but it's probably not very sought after for anyone else, nowadays. I'd guess that you could sell it pretty quickly at $50. At $100, my gut feeling is that you could find a buyer, but it might take a little waiting for the right one to come along. Even $150 doesn't sound out of the question to me, based on the rarity alone. It just takes a collector that can't find one elsewhere.
Thanks for the info. I wouldn't let it go for less than $100 I don't think. Yeah, the parallel thing is inconvenient, but there are cheap adapters to fix that.

Was hoping for more than $100, but it's only worth what someone will pay I suppose.

Anyone should feel free to make me an offer. (If that is permitted here)

You might want to post a picture. I assume it's the linker and 1 cartridge. Is that correct? You may also want to mention where you're shipping from.

The forum (User Marketplace) would be a better bet for you. I expect there to be more collector types over there.

As for me, I'll toss out a lowball offer of $50 shipped for the kit. I don't say that because I think it's a great deal for you. I'm more on the "only worth what someone will pay" side, and that's what I'd pay just to add it to my "collection" which already contains one of these kits. That's what it's worth to me, I guess. Find a collector that doesn't already own one, and you ought to get a better bid in that $100+ range. Smile
Yep. Linker and the 1 cartridge.

I think I'd sell for $100, but for anything less I might just hang on to it. Thanks a bunch for the info and the help. Strange product and so little info out there on it.

Good luck, Bill. I tweeted a link to this thread, so maybe more people will see it. I still recommend posting a picture of the whole thing. If you can't get a picture uploaded somewhere easily, just send me a private message. I can get it fixed up for you.
I'll definitely get a pic and put it up. Was super busy last night and didn't have time.

Thanks again for the help!

Here are the pics:

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