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Full Version: Hotkey Mode
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Hotkey mode seems to be hit or miss. It works flawlessly with the GBA emulator, but when I press and release the power button in the SNES emulator it only seems to activate a "turbo mode" of some sort.
Well, yes. I bet that after I made the last change, I didn't test with SNES.

You could likely set up a custom key mapping only for SNES. I haven't tried this.

If the hotkey mode makes things (like SNES) unusable, and you'd like to try something different, I can likely get you set up with some commands (or maybe source code) to change its behavior. Right now, the hotkey is a toggle. When you press/release the power button, it's like holding down the hotkey. Think of the hotkey as SHIFT, and the power button as CAPSLOCK. It's a pretty simple code fix to change the power button back to a momentary (like SHIFT) hotkey. This has its own drawbacks (like also being tied to shutting down the GPA).

Or, I can likely tell you how to set it to turn off the hotkey functionality altogether.

Here is a bit more data about the fairly limited hotkey option of RetroPie.
When you boot up a SNES game, try holding (or tapping) the A button. That will bring up the menu. Select a new default emulator, and try

I think that will help the hotkey issue. I assume the emulators that start with "lr-" will be best for the hotkey mode. LR is for LibRetro which is what RetroPie is based upon.
I noticed this exact issue with the SNES emulator as well, I'm waiting for a wifi dongle to arrive so I can SFTP into it and look at the config file for the emualator and see if there is a way to reset that Hotkey option, never messed with the SNES config in other retropie setups but I know its included in Dreamcast & N64 emulators, but I'll give your suggestion a try, I was already thinking of trying others as the emulation runs a bit slow and I was going to look at frame skipping next.

I noticed that your hotkey also triggers Save & Load states as well so I will see if I can figure out the standard defaults for each of the emulators.
If you can stick with the "lr-" emulators, you will get more consistent results, as they all use the libretro core. Other emulators may be compiled to use START+SEL or whatever, but they won't use the same config system as the lr emus.

But, in some cases, you don't have a choice, or the non-lr emu may be faster/better.

I'm definitely open to suggestions on the hotkey deal. I've been thinking about it more lately. If I did a code revamp, I may be able to make the power button mode work more like a whole new set of buttons (to all emulators) completely separate from the EmulationStation hotkey mode.