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Full Version: Alternate inputs
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I've been hollowing out my GBA shell to make room for my GamePi2 kit. I've not finished, I'm still acquiring a soldering iron and have a few more cuts to make like for the USB charging port. Once I get a test fit done, I want to see how much room I have for additional add-on boards. I plan on soldering on a wifi/bluetooth dongle once I test it. That might mean getting a nano usb hub as well. But ultimately, what I'd like to shove into any remaining space I can find, are alternate analog inputs. That could mean a PSP thumbstick or a stick found on older IBM laptop keyboards. Maybe a BB sized trackball?! Or a 9DOF gyro/accelerometer. Or maybe the holy grail, a touch screen overlay. I plan on cramming as many DOS games on here as possible, and that means I'll probably need some more types of input. A touchscreen would be ideal for things like Sim City or Masters of Orion. A gyro could make FPS or Racing games better. Also, I know a power board was added to some of the original GamePi boards by savy DIYers, but, if I understand correctly, there's no benefit to that mod on the Gamepi2 boards?

Thanks for any advice. This is my first soldering project!