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Full Version: My first demo for the NGP Monochrome
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I'll test it asap Smile
Nice job !
Did you get this to work on hardware? It seems that the video linked at has no sound. I wanted to try it on my NGPC, but it didn't seem to boot.
I tested the demo on my NGP and NGPC with your FlashMasta and it works on both.

For the video maybe you don't have the audio codec ?
Did you try with VLC media player ?
(there's no sound at the beginning of the video).

You're right. The audio works on VLC. I think Quicktime opened it before.

I'll have to try again on the Flash Masta cart. Maybe I just did something stupid. In fact, the cart I used was one that was set aside to not sell, so maybe there's a problem with it. Smile
Did it work ?
It works on my ngpc with flavor's cart
By the way, yes, it works on our Flash Masta cart. It just took me forever to get another batch of them ready (and then pop the demo on one).

Nice work!