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Full Version: My Freeplay Zero
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Hi, I just wanted to show-off my finished Freeplay Zero build. Yes, I'm really proud of it. No words can express my gratitude to Ed for this cool idea.
A little description of the build: I have decided to go with the classic color of the housing. I was brave enough to install X/Y buttons. The whole process of putting this together is really simple and is a great fun (if you follow the instruction). 
I suggest buying a cheap hobby glue gun and making LCD opening a little wider. As you see on the pictures - I managed to get perfect alignment of the screen (without any visible parts of LCD frame). Paper towel should be your friend to prevent scratches of the case during the process.

Greetings from Poland! Game on!
Great build, Pawel! I also like the classic purple look. Thanks for sharing.