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I've been unable to get recalbox to work with the Freeplay Zero. I've followed all the steps for the custom image instructions and cant get it to work. Has anyone been able to get recalbox to work specifically or has seen a video so i can visually see the steps? Or even easier if someone has a recalbox FPZ image that I can use?  (I have Rom hacks that won't work on anything other than recalbox that I've found)
I may need to try this myself at some point, soon. I have never tried it, but I don't see why it wouldn't work. Unfortunately (for this sort of thing), most of my time is spent shipping and offering tech support lately. Smile
No, you're quite alright man. Youre time is being spent the way its needed for now. If you do get the free time and attempt it. Let me know, I'll also try to do the same. Hopefully I can get it working soon!
hi everybody !

If someone can, i'm also interested by recalbox on CM3

Thanks and good luck !
Could someone please post a link for these instructions?
I haven't tried these on RecallBox, but I feel like it should probably/mostly work.

Here are the manual instructions and notes that I keep.

There are 3 git repositories, and each of them has a script. You could just try to git clone each and then run their scripts.
It will be great if recalbox run on free play CM3 too Wink

I found retropie not easy like recalbox (more simple)..

What the news about ?
Thank you Smile
Hello everbody,

I tried but it's too difficult for me ...

Someone better could he do a tutorial,

Thank you and good luck to all, we will get there!
no one can help us ?
I would really like to help to see if I can get Recalbox working. I have never actually tried it. In fact, I thought that I would get some time this past week, but it did not happen. Sad
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