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Full Version: Black shell w/ yellow buttons
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Hi all,

I opted for a black shell together with yellow buttons, I somehow felt this looks nice. Additionally I found some pokemon stickers in a kid's shop so I went ahead and built a Pokemon themed device. See for youself:
I do like the black with yellow. Thanks for posting these, Kon!
Nice I like the contrast, there are also pokemon themed screen covers. Also if you are in the US, drop me a PM, I bought a bunch of X/Y button caps in various colors including yellow if you wanted to match the A/B buttons.
@jakejm79. Thanks Smile I would have liked the X/Y button caps but I currently live in Korea, so I don't want to put you through the hassle. I will stay for the black sticks for now before I have enough courage to drill the case again.
Well in that case you can probably order them from ebay (China) and get them quicker than from me. I think I paid about $2 for a 100 of them in various colors.