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Full Version: Transparant Orange with Black Buttons
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Made my very first Freeplay Zero and I like how it turned out. I chose transparent Orange just because it was the first of several cases to arrive and I couldn't wait to start building. Since, a couple more cases have arrived and I will be building my first CM3 with one of those.... mixing and matching colors, still undecided.

I do wish though, the select/start buttons were black, but I was unable to find them anywhere. So if someone knows if they exists and where to buy them, would be much appreciated. I am also thinking of just spay-painting them black but not sure if it will stick to the rubber.

I've heard that you can use black hair dye to color the START/SELECT rubber. I have yet to try it myself.

The orange with black looks sharp, and it doesn't seem to show much for cut marks. Thanks for sharing!!!