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Full Version: Power switch doesn't catch on the board
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I cannot seem to get the power switch to work as the black switch on the cm3 board sits too low and the switch jist moves over it. Any ideas on a fix? Thanks.
The first thing to do is make sure that your shell is closing fully. Maybe there is something keeping it from coming together all the way.
I have tried to remove some foam from behind the screen to see if it was holding the board too high but I am not sure it is possible to get it to catch without putting pressure on top of the power connectors. I screwed the circuit board in and took some pictures to show how it cannot currently go any lower than it is.

I think I'll find a way to rectify it, I was thinking a small wire to bind them together rather than glue or somehow extending the prong up. Alternatively I could put pressure on the power connector from the back of the case.
In the bottom right of that photo, there’s a screw in the circuit board. That shouldn’t be there. I bet it’s holding the shell from coming together fully.
Okay when I put it together, I placed a small piece of cardboard under the switch and it's raised it enough that it seems to work no problem.

The bottom right screw is just there to see how close I can get the board to the shell, I have been putting that in from the outside of the shell when testing.

Thanks for the help, I think it's all in place time for the final build! Big Grin
Oh, okay. Smile

I'm glad you got it working. Sorry for jumping to the wrong conclusion there.
No worries appreciate the quick replies, can't wait to get it up and running now