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Full Version: Does Freeplay Zero work with Pi Zero WH?
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Raspberry Pi have recently released a version of the Zero that has a pre-soldered headers on it, called the Zero WH.

Will this work with the Kickstarter Freeplay Zero kit? Physically is it the correct height etc....
As far as I know, yes. We ordered one, but it hasn’t arrived yet, so I can’t be certain.
Thanks, keep us posted.
The only issue I see with it would be that the pin header on the WH is soldered flat to the PCB normally on the FPZ you solder it at an angle. You could cut down the spacers so it sits level with the main FPZ PCB (so you don't have to have it at an angle) but that might make it hard to plug in an HDMI adapter or micro USB adapter since the ports would sit in the middle of the cartridge opening rather than the back of it. Or you could just install it with the regular spacers but that may lead to extra stress on the solder joints.
When we use the hammer headers, they fit in perpendicular. There's enough play in the system for the header pins to bend and still work fine at that angle. The only issue I'd see is the height of the pins. I think it'd be fine. We use "standard" size pins, and I have to assume that the Pi Zero WH comes with that same height of pin.
We received Pi Zero WH today. I can’t say anything that would make me think that it won’t work. The only issue that I see is perpendicular pins. It can cause the board to sit up very slightly higher then if you soldered the pins in at an angle. You could bend the pans, but they will flex enough to move it into place properly.
I built my freeplay zero with a WH. Worked out fine for me.
Follow up to this, built my Freeplay Zero with Zero WH without issue. Had to shorten the two black plastic spacers slightly to keep the Zero parallel with main board.