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Full Version: 3D Print Battery Cover
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Has anyone any experience of making 3D print models?

I know that online you can find 3D print models for replacement GBA battery covers, like this one:

However, given the issues i'm currently having with finding nice size batteries for a CM3, i was wondering if anyone had considered modifying such a design to allow some larger batteries to be used.

The original seems to have enough 'spare' (3-4mm) at the edges before actually reaching the battery locationthat the outside edge of the original model would not need to change, but then an extra few mm could be allowed to 'stretch out' slightly as a bulge.

This would make things much easied in obtaining larger, longer life, batteries, and would lead to an effect, i guess like this:

Any thoughts?
I don't see why this couldn't be done. How much additional room do your batteries need?
Hmm... i doubt it would be more than 4-5mm depth, but i should do some proper checks!!

I have two different sets of batteries both with the same problem (1200mah and 1600mah) which are otherwise (width x length) a perfect fit.
Ok, so it looks like 5mm was a good estimate, for actual 'space' to be added. (i.e. going from the end of the existing space, to the top of the new battery depth) but 6mm, if possible, would probably be more accomodating.
What batteries are those? Could you post a photo of the model number?
Let me see what I can do, but no guarantees. My 3d modeling (scupting/mesh) foo is not the best, but I can try my hand at modeling a new cover.
Here is what i have so far.

I ended up starting my own model from scratch using the thingiverse model as reference, and my sons GBA cover with some calipers. I need to add the lower clips, and then print some test pieces to check fit.


I will let you know more next week.
Nice! Appreciate your efforts !
Small update.

I did get a chance to print a couple of iterations of the Battery Cover over the weekend. I was able to get something that I am happy with. The size seems right, and it feels somewhat natural when holding the GBA/FPZ. I have to finalize the clips, test print again, and then the design should be ready for the masses.

[attachment=758] [attachment=759] [attachment=760]

(Don't mind the less then clean prints. These were printed quick and dirty just to verify fit.)
cool stuff spideyk21 - appreciate your work and i am sure others will too!
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