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Full Version: progress with porting oh dear to the freeplay zero?
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its been awhile since the backers hit the goal of porting the game to the freeplay zero and I want to run over some deer >Big Grin
Heh! Yeah, good thinking. Here's the situation...

It was originally my intent to do the porting work on that myself, but we had a really good programmer that was working with us while he was between jobs. He picked it up and got it mostly working. Unfortunately, he abruptly left (which is really good for him), and it has been very difficult to pick up where he left off. It's definitely not dead (like some of the deer may be), but it is a bit in limbo. At the moment, Andrew and I are pretty much completely swamped, and it's only the two of us working on things.

The reason that the Hermes project has moved forward much better is that the Retroguru team has done all the porting work, and I am just helping with stuff like testing and feedback on it.
any progress???