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Full Version: CM3 with Nano USB Hub and Built-In WiFi
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I have posted a video for an installation of a nano usb hub inside a Freeplay CM3 using the onboard USB breakout pins and USB EXT 'cut' lines.  It is a fairly easy process, and you have plenty of room to mount the USB hub and any peripherals in the back of the GBA case. 

I couldn’t get the video to play, so I had to look it up on YouTube. Here is the URL.

Also, I should note that Sam seems to be selling it a little bit short here. In the video, not only does he add a USB hub, but he also adds internal Wi-Fi, so that the external USB port is still available while you are using the his new internal Wi-Fi.

UPDATE: I edited Sam's post to fix the embedded video and add "and Built-In WiFi" to the title of his post.
This is really cool. (Though I really struggle to have time to watch all of these sorts of videos I have tried to watch the highlights!)

Could someone please explain to me the requirement to break the traces? It looks to me like the original usb still works after that? Do the expansion connections not work without that?

apologies i probably missed the documentation that explained it!
The Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 has a SINGLE USB port built in.  In the Freeplay CM3, that's connected to the external port (USBEX).

PiUSB  -----=----- USBEX

What Sam did was to break that connection from the Pi to the USB port by cutting the traces.

PiUSB  ----- ----- USBEX

Then he used a USB hub chip to turn the one port into two.

PiUSB  -----HUB

Of the 2 new USB ports, he connected one to the external port and the other to the internal WiFi dongle.

              +--- USBEX
PiUSB  -----HUB
              +--- WiFi

Of course, we had anticipated that this could be done, and that's why there's the mark where you can cut the traces and access to the PiUSB and USBEX

By the way, it's worth noting that you could have a hub that has more ports, too. I don't know how much you could cram in there, though.
ah, i get it now, thank you .... once the traces are cut the USBEX +/- needs 'reconnecting' back to the USB+/- for 'normal' operation.

This mod is excellent. Probably worth doing!
This mod looks great and pretty simple.
Wich USB Switch module and WLAN Module did you use exactly?
Do you have a link?
I'm pretty sure he used this USB hub module:
(02-28-2018, 02:00 AM)Flavor Wrote: [ -> ]I'm pretty sure he used this USB hub module:

Yes i used the nanohub from mux on tindie!  There is so much room inside the CM3 shell that such a small board isn't really even necessary.  I'm considering using this USB hub with more ports for my second CM3 build.    The USB dongle I started with is an EDIMAX wifi/bluetooth, but i think i broke the module while removing the plastic case.  My final build uses the EDUP wifi usb module .  

Very glad the CM3 is so easy to modify, lots of thought has obviously gone into it's design.


(02-27-2018, 07:24 AM)HoraceAndTheSpider Wrote: [ -> ]ah, i get it now, thank you .... once the traces are cut the USBEX +/- needs 'reconnecting' back to the USB+/-  for 'normal' operation.

This mod is excellent. Probably worth doing!

Oh man! I wish I had known this when I put the 3 way splitter in mine! I definitely went the hard way to disconnect and reconnect the existing USB.
does the cm3 have built in wifi in the board itself or will that be something that could come in the future as a cm3 2.0 of sorts?
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