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Full Version: GBA CM3 cler green and orange build
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Just Finished my CM3 GBA build, really enjoyed this project and already thinking about making another. The only issue i have with it is theres a little bit of light bleed onto the screen  from the green LED which im going to fix by building up a little wall net to the LED. 

I have a Clear green cartridge shell on order which im going to drill a few little air vent holes in to fill the cart slot

Initially i was worried that all the cutting and drilling would look rough on a clear shell but i took my time and was patient and it turned out ok

[Image: 1.jpg] [Image: 2.jpg] [Image: 3.jpg] [Image: 4.jpg]
I think it turned out great!

Reminds me of:
[Image: tmnt_raphael__colors__by_villithorne-d5i24dv.png]
(linked from

But maybe this is a little more apt here:
[Image: Turtles-start-screen.jpg?w=630]