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Full Version: GBA Bios issues
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I recently finished my first FPZ and I downloaded gba_bios.bin put it into the correct folder on the usb drive and plugged it into the FPZ everything works fine if I leave the usb stick in the FPZ but when I remove it gba games no longer work. Any ideas what I am doing wrong I'm kinda new to all this?
No, I have not heard of this before. There was one time quite a while back where the script (that's included in RetroPie) that copies files from USB was broken. I wonder if there's a chance that it's broken again.

But the way it works is that it tries to rsync (remote synchronize) between the USB and the SD card. Then the emulation runs from the SD. I really can't come up with a reason that removing the USB would cause a problem.

I'll have to Google a bit.

Have you done any other configuration changes?
No I haven’t done anything else to the configuration. I’m tempted to try removing and reformatting the SD card/USB stick a seeing if that would fix the issue. Everything else runs fine though.
I'm at a loss here. I really can't think of what could cause this. I did a little googling, and nothing sparked any new thoughts, either.
Alright, I’m gonna try reformatting everything and starting from sctrach. See if that does it.
Well, I reformatted the SD card and the USB drive and now no games will show up when the USB is out of the FPZ but when it's inserted it works just fine and all games are visible.
This seems crazy to me. I've never heard of this.

Did you exactly follow the USB instructions at

If this persists, we can try to recreate the problem here. I just don't get it.

Maybe you can list the steps we could take to recreate the same situation.
I reformatted the USB again, and I followed the github instructions to a T this time, and everything works perfectly. Thank you so much for your help.
Well, that's great news. It's also very interesting. I'm glad we have it here on the forum, in case anyone else encounters anything like this.
Yeah, I'm glad this forum is here. Its been a massive help for me! Now I just need to figure out how to get Mario Golf and Tennis to work for gameboy advance.
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