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Full Version: How to delete roms?
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OK So maybe this is a newbie question but I haven't been able to find the answer. I can successfully copy roms to my device using the usb stick method. How can I remover a rom which is already on the device?


Hey Snido,

I think the SFTP method mentioned at would be the easiest. You could also use the built-in file manager. I think it's under the RetroPie menu. That would look something like this or
I guess for the sftp method. I would need a USB network adapter? I have the cm3.

I did try the built in file manager but had difficulty using it. None of the buttons seemed to do anything besides select a file.  Maybe I could use a USB keyboard to access further functions ?
Yeah, I think you might want a USB keyboard to do the file manager. If you wanted to to SFTP, you'd need a USB WiFi or Ethernet dongle/adapter.
I'm not sure if it actually removes the file or not, but you can also press Select on the ROM you want to delete in EmulationStation, and just click on Delete.