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Full Version: NES Themed Build
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Just got my FPZ this weekend and here is my build...  I am working on mimicking an NES controller.  Need to adjust the overscan settings to adjust for the expanded area.  Great product, thanks Ed!

[Image: NAZB8zGh.jpg]

I also made a few deviations to the screen placement in an attempt to use more of the screen and center it more...  The edge of the screen by the Y button is blank plastic that can be cut away... You just have to be extremely cautions and deliberate with your cuts...

[Image: yqwMkPBh.jpg]

The there is a gap now between the LCD and the other side wall, but this little corner will keep it in place...

[Image: pzhwawzh.jpg]

The shaded area is screen area that is now visible...  I just have to get a clear glass to allow for the larger area...

[Image: CB8llE1h.jpg]

[Image: INQ2Gm8h.jpg]

I realized that some of those photos were taken before I made my final cuts...  This corner was actually trimmed further to allow the screen to sit straight.  I also padded the corners with some foam to keep them held down against the front of the case...

The top corner by the shoulder button was thinned down, but not removed completely, the lower marked corner was removed along the line...

[Image: nzrjeMCh.jpg]
Oh, this is great info, SuperSirLink. It seems that more and more people are doing the full-screen mods now. Thanks for posting those!
Thanks, loving the kit!
Made your mod and it's awesome, huge thanks for the share Wink
For the front glass, you should consider to order some glasses without hologram plus some razor blade, enamel on it can easily be scratch but it will not damage glass.

Note: Use front shell as a guide

See attachment as exemple
Actually have a completely clear glass coming from  My plan was to mask off the opening and paint the back side of the glass...  Haven't decided if I am going to put any wording or logos on the glass.  Given the tighter dimensions of black around the screen, will probably just keep it blank...

Also on the plan of todos is using a blank cart shell to create a port cover and add some plastic to fill in around the usb power connector...  And any other finishing touches I think of...

So a WIP for sure...

Edit: Here are a few more pics...

[Image: 6XoxbVlh.jpg]

[Image: HXwqQcoh.jpg]

[Image: yPReEWch.jpg]

[Image: lM1RXH8h.jpg]
Already tried the paint on glass solution, but without great result :S , only "good" result I had was with enamel oil based paint but it need patience (one day between each pass).

Using real GBA cartrige shell is a great solution, need some work but very result at final (see attachment).

Beware of not moving too many time the TFT ribbon cable, it's fragile as hell.
Hey guys! Check out this video when he starts "Part 3." I think this link should jump to it. He takes a fully clear glass screen and adds his own graphics to it.

In fact, he posted here on our forums, if you want to ask any questions.
I saw that this weekend and was looking into where to get transparent label paper here in the US... They have this brand on Amazon, but is a bit pricey... Though I image I would end up using it for many future projects...

I got the clear glass from, not sure if they pre-apply the adhesive tape (hasn't come in yet), but if so that will need to be removed and re-sourced...

I also like his paint technique for coloring the start/select wording...  Might give that a try my self...
I don't have printer :S, but this solution look great Smile

Flavor, you missed a number in forum link, it's 4659
(01-02-2019, 06:59 AM)Porcinus Wrote: [ -> ]I don't have printer :S, but this solution look great Smile

Flavor, you missed a number in forum link, it's 4659

Good catch!  Fixed.  Thanks.
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