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Full Version: Three Questions Before Creating Freeplay CM3
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I'm wondering which Raspberry pi CM3 to incorporate into Freeplay CM3

Should I use the old CM3? Or is it better to use CM3 +?

In the case of CM3 +, is it not necessary to worry about memory capacity etc?
Is it all right with CM3 + / Lite?

Is there anything else I should be aware of when using CM3 +?
The Freeplay CM3 comes with a Pi Compute Module 3 already attached. We are currently shipping them with the plus version.

The Freeplay CM3 will only work with the LITE version of the Pi Compute Module 3, but it does work with CM3 or CM3+.
I'm sorry.

I did not read the Freeplay CM3 DIY Kit Includes.
Thanks to it, I did not have to spend extra money.

Thank you very much.