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Full Version: External display question
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Is there a way to switch display and resolution once you have an HDMI display plugged into the system? I see here: that you can set this for boot time, but there isn't a way to disable the internal display and adjust to HDMI output from the command line once booted?
I think, if I get what you're asking, you want to use the 'tvservice' command.

This could give a bit of background, too.

Disabling the LCD might require a bit more info. You can disable the framebuffer copy process and then turn off the backlight. What LCD driver are you using?
I don't have to turn off the LCD, it's just that the LCD resolution propagates to HDMI external so that the display is blurry and blocked off screen.
Actually, the HDMI gets copied (and downscaled) to the LCD. You should be able to use that tvservice command (or the /boot/config.txt settings) to get a better HDMI resolution if you don't care about how the LCD looks.