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Full Version: The Frenchboy Advance
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I just completed my Freeplay CM3 build, which I called the "Frenchboy Advance", given the choice of colors Smile 

[Image: DSC-0001.jpg]

[Image: DSC-0002.jpg]
[Image: DSC-0003.jpg]
[Image: DSC-0004.jpg]

To the Freeplay Tech team: feel free to post those pics on social media!
Hey fellow, nice to see you back here Smile

Nice color schema Wink

If you search for colored start/select pad, take a look here :
Note: They are a little softer than the original ones.
Thanks for the tip! I order some blue ones, and a black cart cover :-)
I don't know how I missed this one before. Thanks for sharing. I will probably post on
It's posted here:

You might get some comments there. If you're on FB, maybe you'd want to reply.