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Full Version: NGCollector by Sebastian Mihai
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NGCollector is a game about collecting Neo Geo AES cartridges. Try it on your Flashmasta and see how it plays.
I was on my way here, with the intention of posting the same info, but it seems like you beat me to it. The idea is interesting, to say the least. If only the author had someone on his team to produce better visuals, this could be the ultimate money grind game.

I just flashed it and it seems to be working fine. I'll play some more later and maybe post some impressions.


I just won $33. Not much, but it's a start. We'll get there.

P.S. - I've always been a MVS guy myself. When it comes to Neo Geo, I'll settle for a beat up cartridge with half of a label missing, as long as it's cheap and the game works. Collecting kits or mint AES boxes is a bit too expensive. Plus, I'm always on a lookout for cheap games for any of my systems, so the budget is tight. Still, a guy can dream ... At least now I can collect the stuff without spending a penny.
I got some pics and video, myself.

[Image: NGCollector_1.jpg]

[Image: NGCollector_2.jpg]

[Image: NGCollector_3.jpg]

[Image: NGCollector_4.jpg]

[Image: NGCollector_5.jpg]

Are the in-game prices even remotely similar to the current prices for those AES games? Just curious. Like I said, I've never really focused on AES. Why does the Neo Geo stuff have to be so damn expensive? Even the new stuff ... NGBig Grinev guys are producing some awesome games, but the cartridge prices are just a little bit too high. That's why I always got the Dreamcast versions of their games.
I think what he did was just use this as a database of carts and prices.

Keep in mind that, in some cases, an AES version of a game is really rare whereas a MVS version might be very common. That drives the price way up.
Some of those prices are slightly insane, but Neo Geo collecting was always somewhat of an elite sport. At least as far as full MVS kits and complete AES boxes go.

If you're a collector, you can't help but have a love / hate relationship with the internet. Especially now. eBay prices are getting crazy, especially if something is considered somewhat rare. Japanese Yahoo auctions aren't as good as they used to be, either. You can still get great deals there, but the stuff that's really expensive on eBay will most likely have a similar price over there.

Many of my MVS games, and other arcade PCBs, I got from Eastern Europe. When the arcade market collapsed, games were being sold on local auction websites for a small fraction of the usual internet price. It didn't take long for others to spot a business opportunity and so the games were quickly bought and sold elsewhere. This is something I really dislike. People, who make it their business to snatch up anything of potential value and sell it for a higher price. This drives the prices up all the time. Someone gets their hands on a relatively cheap copy of Radiant Silvergun, they sure don't keep it, but put it on eBay as extra mint super ultra rare for $400. Another person comes along, sees this, thinks "Hey ... $400? I have this game, I sure love it, but I too would like to make $400. Let's see if I can get more". And so on.

Sorry for the rant! I just wish I could afford EVERYTHING before it gets super-expensive and "rare". Damn you internet. Why can't I quit you?
I watched a recent episode of Nova on PBS that dealt with this mania of buying, selling, and price inflation. It was pretty interesting.
(04-07-2012, 12:39 AM)Flavor Wrote: [ -> ]I watched a recent episode of Nova on PBS that dealt with this mania of buying, selling, and price inflation. It was pretty interesting.

Unfortunately, I can't access it. Many TV networks block their content to IPs from outside of their own countries, and PBS is no exception. I might try it via a US proxy if I find a decent one.
I bet you could find it other places, too. The show is called NOVA, and the episode was "Mind Over Money." Anyway, it's not that important, but you may find it interesting.