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Full Version: Exp_Cropped Driver [Fixed!]
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If you want to play Dreamcast, you may need to kill the driver, restart it this way and check what DMA channels it use or it will crash the driver each time you start this emulator :/
Output look good
Alright- so killed the running instances, and ran "sudo /home/pi/fbcp-ili9341/build/fbcp-ili9341"

bcm_host_get_peripheral_address: 0x3f000000, bcm_host_get_peripheral_size: 16777216, bcm_host_get_sdram_address: 0xc0000000
BCM core speed: current: 250000000hz, max turbo: 400000000hz. SPI CDIV: 6, SPI max frequency: 66666667hz
Allocated DMA channel 1
Allocated DMA channel 5
Enabling DMA channels Tx:1 and Rx:5
DMA hardware register file is at ptr: 0x75b58000, using DMA TX channel: 1 and DMA RX channel: 5
DMA hardware TX channel register file is at ptr: 0x75b58100, DMA RX channel register file is at ptr: 0x75b58500
Resetting DMA channels for use
DMA all set up
Initializing display
Resetting display at reset GPIO pin 27
Creating SPI task thread
InitSPI done
DISPLAY_FLIP_ORIENTATION_IN_SOFTWARE: Swapping width/height to update display in portrait mode to minimize tearing.
Relevant source display area size with overscan cropped away: 480x640.
Source GPU display is 480x640. Output SPI display is 240x320 with a drawable area of 202x302. Applying scaling factor horiz=0.42x & vert=0.47x, xOffset: 9, yOffset: 18, scaledWidth: 202, scaledHeight: 302
Creating dispmanX resource of size 202x302 (aspect ratio=0.668874).
GPU grab rectangle is offset x=0,y=0, size w=202xh=302, aspect ratio=0.668874
All initialized, now running main loop...
Wait! Restarted, and I've got picture! lol

Ok, so now to make edits to the .h files to see that everything is reflected from there.
Is there a way to double check that it indeed is the fbcp-ili9341 running? Some sort of output that reflects that?
If you have a picture, this is a good sign Wink

Aside of the joke, you can run 'sudo htop' thru SSH
sudo htop seems to reflect that it's running- however, changes to the .h files seem to yield no results when going by your original post.

To uncomment- just remove "//", and leave the "#"?
Basically- the viewport/image size is pretty much the same now as when it was when running Exp_Cropped, despite htop now saying it's ili9341 running.

I've tried changing the scaling/overscan via config.h- no changes reflected on the LCD.
To uncomment- just remove "//", and leave the "#"?
Yes Smile, very important to keep #DEFINE as is
No need to hack scaling/overscan but you need to recompile the driver each time you edit stuff and restart it, the easiest way for this is to run it thru SSH to do all the test, kill the instance that started when the system booted.
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