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Full Version: Better quality screen
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Hey fellas just wondering if anyone has come across a higher quality screen compatible with the freeplay zero. Would love to have a more crisp display on my device! Thanks!
I definitely will not mind a more vivid screen, darker blacks and brighter colors. My complains are that the current screen has the colors too washed out and it looks whitish. IMO.

I would be interested if a better screen could be offered, as a side upgrade for the system. (just like L2/R2 buttons are offered on the side). 

and I would cash out without thinking if an IPS is offered. Current viewing angles are a bit depressing.

Has management given any though to this?  Tongue
Just had a look at the RG350 ( It has a 3.5" IPS Display, not sure whether it's a ribbon connection though. Perhaps we could find out their supplier and see if they would be comparable with freeplay?
I have not found any other LCD that's compatible with the Freeplay Zero/CM3. We chose this specific LCD because it was the only one that fit well in the GBA-style shell. If we hadn't had that constraint, we would have had lots of other options.
The color problem come from the fact that all theses screens run on 16 bits color space so 5 bits (32 gradients) for red and blue and 6 (64) for green.
The screen used by Freeplaytech is able of 18 bits color display (64 gradients for all channels) but even modifying Juj driver to select this color space and changing framebuffer color space didn't work for me, maybe because of timing issues, IDK :/
Something that could be interresting to test is to reduce green to 32 gradient to have the same on each channel, I already used this tricks on a Arduino project to get "real" gray gradient.
I will try during the week if I have some spare time.

Pin compatibility is a issue but not a big one, there is always a workaround since all SPI screen use basically the same IO.
One problem is to found a proper driver (both screen and software) that is capable of a good framerate. Sadly, not all are abke of this :S
As Flavor pointed out, the oher problem is to fit the screen in the shell.
Would a custom solution be too expensive?
To manufacture it within dimensional parameters, pins, gpio, etc?
Rather than just an available aftermarket solution?
For me, the only way to make a adapter is to design a ribbon cable, and yes, this is expensive :S
GPIO have nothing to do with this.
I don't think there are any aftermarket available :/

A example if there were no space concern :
This solution only need a adaptor PCB and a ribbon cable extension.
Look like a DSI connector on the screen.
There are too many info missing on the shop. Any idea about the resolution and the driver?
I have no idea, sadly. But must be compatible with the original GBA IO as it is an "upgrade" for it. Not knowing how the CM3 is built, I thought there's a chance of it being compatible.
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