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Full Version: NGP/NGPC Emulator, RACE, Added to libretro/RetroArch
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I don't know if this is strictly "Software Development" news, but I guess this is where I should put it.

RACE, a Neo Geo Pocket Color emulator that I worked on, has now been added to libretro/RetroArch.  That means that it's very portable to many platforms and operating systems.

Please see the following:

If you had a system where Neo Geo Pocket emulation was too slow before, this may be the solution.  This core is much faster than the NeoPop core that most emulators have used in the past.
Great. I'll test it asap.
I was thinking about porting retroguru's game on libretro too.
But I already have started too many things and completed none...
Tested (with Bomberman ).
Thor, what hardware did you use to test Bomberman?
This sounds good! I'm going to see if is possible to include it on RGBpi s.o.
Yeah, let us know, KeiDash. It should be doable.