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Full Version: freeplay zero image
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hi, i'd like to know if there is a freeplay zero image running recalbox, i'm not used with retropie, and i can't get it runing on my new freeplay zero, snes roms are not running, i'm not that good on programing and i'm stuck with a very expensive handheld that don't work (at least for me) i'd like a simple OS to play and have fun, to add and delete roms easily and i'm used to recalbox (now i'm using 6.1.1 on RPi3 not handheld) so if anyone have a image of recalbox or maybe a ready image of the retropie ready to use

my probem is that i built everything ok, all fits, burn image, even the hermes game is runing, but i put some roms of snes and they dont run, do i have to add BIOS? i didn't try any other plataform, but i got sad that i cant find the FPZ by the IP address, and to add roms i needed a usb device, in recalbox is all simple, but thanks
Have you tried the image at by any chance? I don't recall (pun?) if it works on the Pi Zero or not. I think it might.
(03-14-2020, 09:09 AM)Flavor Wrote: [ -> ]Have you tried the image at by any chance?  I don't recall (pun?) if it works on the Pi Zero or not.  I think it might.

i'll try it, i was trying to add more games and i put some snes, gba, sega geness and mastersystem but none of then open, they just show a lauching message and then back to the list
i tryed the new version and it worked, except for the sega games, but i'd like to know if there is a way to accelerate the retroarch, i'm playing gba and i'm used with the visual boy advance, so i'd like to give a boost (if the pi zero handles it)
If you're having slowdown with GBA, definitely make 100% sure that the BIOS is installed and being used by the emulator. If not, some emulators will emulate the BIOS and you won't necessarily know that it's doing it. That will make it slow, and it's not really obvious why, sometimes.

Also, in some cases, turning off WiFi and Bluetooth (like with rfkill) can help performance on the Pi Zero W.