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Full Version: NeoGeo not working CM3
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I've recently built my GPA CM3 and so happy that I made it  Idea
It wasn't an easy job though
I Faced some problems which I need a solution for

1- NeoGeo roms are not working , I managed to add the box arts and the snaps and they are all working but when I open a game it exits. I tried the three different emualtors but non of them working. I removed the BIOS file from both the BIOS folder and the ROM folder and downloaded a new one but still getting the same issue. Just I get the screen where I press A then it exits.

2- I added some NDS roms but I'm not getting the console shown in the ribbon. Do you have an advise ?

3- I added the snaps and box arts for GameBoy but the games are only shown in LIST format, any advise about this issue ?

4- Nintendo 64 roms are not working at all. They cause the device to freeze and show 1 FPS at the bottom of the screen. Any solution ?

5- How can I change the theme or download and add another theme.

Thanks and happy holidays to you all Smile
Did you get this stuff working? I thought that I saw you post elsewhere that you did. Could you post here how you solved it, so others can also benefit? Thanks.
Yes it worked,
The problem was with the ROM files not the BIOS
but I followed the Steps to add the BIOS image in the same folder for the NeoGeo Roms and after replacing the Roms everthing worked like a charm

Thanks Big Grin