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Full Version: Boxy Pixel with Analog Sticks
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my parts list finally arrived at the beginning of the week.
Unfortunately I had mistaken my order and had the wrong AddOn Board delivered. But it works and now a fan is also installed Wink
The software is not yet configured. It starts and all buttons work.

Here are some pictures. 
I will probably change the power slider because I don't like grey. It was an emergency solution because the black slider has too much room to move and wobbles.

[Image: IMG_1639.JPG?psid=1][Image: IMG_1638.JPG?psid=1][Image: IMG_1643.JPG?psid=1][Image: IMG_1637.JPG?psid=1]
[Image: IMG_1637.JPG?psid=1]
[Image: IMG_1639.JPG?psid=1]
[Image: IMG_1643.JPG?psid=1]
I just posted larger versions of the photos. Thanks for sharing. It looks very nice!!!