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Full Version: Transferring saves from Freeplay CM3 to PC and back.
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Hi everyone,
it has been almost a year playing with my Freeplay CM3 and it's really a fantastic product, can't complain about anything.
First of all I have to admit that I don't know basically anything about Raspberry (so that may be part of the reason why I can't get this to work), and that I always used the USB stick method to transfer my roms from the PC and I never encountered any problems with it.
With quarantine and Covid19 rules I am forced to work at the PC some days, doing basically nothing, and while I have some other things that I can run in the background I was wondering if I could continue my playthrough from the CM3 (like taking the .sav file, using a PC emulator like VisualboyAdvance to continue playing that save, saving at the end and moving that same .sav file back into the CM3).
I'm playing a GBA title and I'm using both saves and save states. But when I try to look for the save file/state into the USB stick or SD Card, I can't find anything but the saves are there because I can use both the normal save and the save states.
Is this something I can pull off?
Thanks in advance, really hope I can get this to work.
To get files off of RetroPie, you would need to get the machine on your network (WiFi or Ethernet likely via USB) and then SSH or SFTP in to get the files.

I'd recommend using FileZilla (or maybe WinSCP) to connect to the system.

Here are some links to check out (from a quick search):
Hey Flavor, thanks for answering.
I got more or less the same results, I was hoping that I could do this without connecting the device to the WiFi.

It's fine though. Do you have any advice on what dongle/usb to ethernet device to use? Or am I fine with whatever?

Thanks again.
I think most ethernet dongles would work fine. I'm not really sure.

Look at the photos here.

For WiFi, we have tested and recommend those two. We sell whichever one we can get our hands on at the time. I know ours says "out of stock" right now, but I think we actually have some left. I can't check stock right now, but I'll try to set it properly later today.

Some people really want to get a WiFi/Bluetooth combo USB dongle. I have never seen one work properly on Raspberry Pi.