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Full Version: Compute Module 4S
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There's a new product from Raspberry Pi called the Compute Module 4S. It's the exact same form factor as the Compute Module 3, with the processor from the Raspberry Pi 4. It might be interesting to see if it works with the Freeplay CM3.

As a side note, I love my Freeplay Zero with the Pi Zero 2W. It has become my most used handheld.

Hey barleyguy!

Unless I've missed some news, I do not think that Raspberry Pi themselves have announced the CM4S. I think that there is some very strong evidence that it's real, but I have no idea if there will be a Lite version since nothing is official.

Having said all that, I would add that, from my research, it seems very likely that there would be a CM4S Lite that would work well in our Freeplay CM3. My only concern is battery life, but, of course, I haven't tested that yet.

About the Freeplay Zero + Pi Zero 2W, all I have to say is Big Grin.

Okay, I have to say a bit more. We're coming out with a new Freeplay Zero very soon. It will have very similar functionality, but it's a bigger 640x480 LCD.
I might be very interested in the new version of the Freeplay Zero. I'll keep an eye out for it. I love the first party ergonomics of a Gameboy Advance combined with the Pi Zero 2W. A bigger higher resolution screen would be nice to have.

I'm pretty sure the Compute Module 4S is real, but I think it's a business to business product that was built for specific customers. I don't know if they'll do a general announcement for it or offer it in small quantities. I hope they do.

Oh, will there be any way to add L2 and R2 buttons to the new Freeplay Zero? With the Zero 2W, we now have full Playstation capability, and some Playstation games need R2 and L2. I'd be OK with just some little microswitches. I'm using the clicky microswitches for X and Y and don't mind them at all.

L2/R2 will be kinda built in to the new Freeplay Zero PCB, and it's up to the builder if they want to add that or not.

The "long clicky" microswitches will not be on the new PCB, but there will be another all-new button configuration for people that want to use new shells.

"New Shells" means not the GBA shells.  So far, these only exist in prototyping 3D prints.

Resurrecting an idle thread here a little, but they now have officially announced the CM4S, though only for enterprise customers: