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From time to time, I search around to see if there are any new discussions about NGPC stuff. If I find something somewhere where I can easily contribute, I often add something. Sometimes, though, I just don't think I should join a website just to add a post.

But, maybe some of you guys are members at these places. Maybe you'd like to join to contribute. I don't know. Maybe you'll just find it interesting that people are still finding the NGPC for the first time or whatever the case may be.

When you come across some new blog/thread/review/etc. about Neo Geo Pocket stuff, post a link here. If you add to a discussion that was linked here, let us know.
Is there an end to this bot nonsense? Every once in a while I see a new post, I get all excited about a flurry of activity, and then I see that Viagra ad in Russian ...
I missed these ones. Sorry, Morden. I usually get notified when this happens, and I ban the account and delete the post.
I'm building a site with the guy who built the Planet Virtual Boy

It should be GREAT

[Image: 9krsht.png]
Is there a URL for this already, or should we just wait patiently? Smile
I have been looking around for a site that is dedicated to the NGPC. Looking forward to seeing how this turns out!
By the way, welcome Louie! Thanks for joining.
(04-08-2014, 09:07 AM)Flavor Wrote: [ -> ]By the way, welcome Louie! Thanks for joining.

Thanks for the welcome. I will be watching this forum for updates on translations and news about this new site.