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Full Version: Development Tools for the Neo Geo Pocket
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Got it.

Thanks for working on this. The old devkit still works well, but (as you know) it's getting harder to use.
There's also TCC, which is open source and retargetable. Having said that; Toshiba's compiler is actually quite good when it comes to optimization. It does have some problems when it comes to stuff like dereferencing linearly increasing pointers within loops, loop reversal, or converting simple copy loops to LDIR instructions - but other than that the generated code looks pretty good. That's something that anyone porting a compiler will need to consider, since efficient code is really important on a limited system like the NGPC.
As a developer, I miss a cool software to edit tiles and graphics for ngpc.

Actually, exists the "NeoTile" and I congratulate the author that made this, but... is horrible for make a good game.

I'm try to do a good game but I get tired of editing and edit sprites in an archaic manner.

I was around one month to make the initial screen of my game, and I was around one month..This is what I could manage to do:

[Image: VqWbm.gif]

It's a hard work to do a good graphic editor for NGPC?
For things like title screens you don't need a tile editor. You can draw in any application that you prefer (ProMotion, GraphicsGale, GIMP, MsPaint, ...). You just need a tool for converting the resulting image to NGPC pattern/nametable/palette data.
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