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Full Version: Magician Lord NGPC
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Sorry for not posting more often, but I don't have much time in my personal life...
I thought I would share this with you, as some french vg site managed to get a Magician Lord cart for NGPC.
Indeed, I spoke once with one of the journalist that told me he tried the game as one of his friends used to work for ADK. This was a few years ago and thought that I would never see the game.
But today they released this article, with screenshots and videos.

Being in French most of you won't understandd the article, but the truth is that it does not contain much. Lots of speculation. What is interesting:
-Game modes are: Start, Time Attack and Item Get. Only Start is working.
-This is an early alpha/beta. It has no music, no bosses and no savepoints.
-It is very short, it takes 10 minutes to go through all the screens.

Cool find, Reznor! I had no idea that this game existed. I didn't have time to read the entire article (I understand a little French), but I saw the screenshots, and the game looked very intresting. Thanks, for showing us!
Amazing! Thanks, Reznor!

Have they dumped the cart? Maybe they need someone with a Linkmasta to help them.

Speaking of that, Reznor, I should talk to you via email about some other things, too.

I pm'ed the guy who is supposed to be the one who got the cart and asked for a dump. I also offered to dump it if necessary (even if I still have not solved my drivers trouble with my Linkmasta). I hope I'll get a positive answer.
Please keep working with that guy. I think the whole community would appreciate getting it dumped. I'll help you out however I can.
"I won't say anything more". That's the answer I got from my PM... I think we won't see a release.
(09-29-2012, 04:40 PM)Reznor Wrote: [ -> ]"I won't say anything more". That's the answer I got from my PM... I think we won't see a release.

He doesn't have to say anything. Just release it! I have no idea how they came across this one, but what's the point of showing it off if you're not going to release the image? Perhaps whoever owns it is waiting for a bid from the Assembler community or something. It's not like the owner of the prototype owes the Neo Geo community anything, but up until now everyone has shared their prototypes. As far as I know, anyway. Plus, it's 10 minutes of gameplay. Here's to hoping for a release.
I think that as it's a commercial site, releasing the rom is an ethics problem. Being journalists means that they have links with the vg industry and thus can't endorse leaks/emulation/copyright infrigement/"piracy" and so on. Even from an out of business company (did snkp buy all franchises from ADK btw?) on a dead system.

(I realise that I did not mention on my post that the guy I contacted was a journalist...)

In the comments of the article someone says that he had already seen the cart in person from a mutual friend of the journalist. (this sentence might be a bit broken but I can't get it right) So I pmed him and hope to get a at least more info about the owner and the future of the proto.
And if nothing comes out from him I'll try someone else Wink

Fantastic news!

It's amazing to see a previously unseen Pocket game surface after all these years. Here's hoping Windjammers Pocket might actually show up after all Smile

It would be nice to see this dumped and released, but it's really up to the current owner. If it was, say, 99% finished I could understand the owner's reluctance to release an essentially complete game for free. As it stands, it seems little more than a very early alpha build. It'd still be nice to see it released, but its up to the owner.
Some people just like to know that they have something that others can't get or really want, haha.

Still, it would have been nice to have a Castlevania-style platformer. The joystick could have made some cool whip effects, like swinging it around in circles.
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