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  Neo Geo Pocket World
Posted by: KeiDash - 02-10-2020, 07:19 PM - Forum: General - Replies (1)

Hello there!!

I would like present a new movement that we are triying to create on the Neo Geo Pocket community called Neo Geo Pocket World.

[Image: ngpwm.gif]

This "project" tryes to join at all Neo Geo Pocket users in a map for that all users knows how many NGP real  users exists and what is their collection. You can see the map and the form to join here.

We think (the spanish administrators of neogeopocket.es) that this is a good idea to make strong the real Neo Geo Pocket community.

We hope that someone join at the map :-D You have all description of the project on this link

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  ngpcdev Yahoo group archive
Posted by: shicky256 - 01-11-2020, 02:37 AM - Forum: General - Replies (1)

Just realized I forgot to link this here. The ngpcdev Yahoo group was a useful place for info on ngpc programming, but Yahoo groups no longer has a publicly viewable group archive. Before they deleted the public archives and file areas in December, I archived all the messages and files here: http://infochunk.com/ngpc/ngpcdev.zip. Hopefully someone will find this useful.

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  Media for canceled games?
Posted by: Nnnn - 08-19-2019, 04:16 PM - Forum: General - No Replies

Unfortunately as we all know, the NGPC has one of the best libraries of canceled games out there. However, despite lists including relatively large names like Metal Slug 3rd Mission and Mortal Kombat, I can't seem to find much of any info/flyers/etc about canceled games on the system.

In particular, one that I'm really curious about is ADK's "Hyper Girls Mahjong (ハイパー・ギャルズ麻雀 ). 

Does anybody know any resources at all for canceled games on this system?

Here's what I know of:

Tokyo Game Show 99 Booklet by SNK: (includes list of unreleased games) https://twitter.com/turfmasta/status/960...58848?s=08

The infamous Magician Lord 2 rom: https://www.unseen64.net/2012/10/11/magi...cancelled/

Masterlist including canceled games: http://www.neo-geo.com/pocket/

Site including speculation about canceled games: http://www.pocketfuel.co.uk/ngpc/ngpc_faq.html

And that's about it. If anybody has anything else they'd like to contribute, please do.

Note on Hyper Girls Mahjong: It seems to have been announced about a month before the Tokyo Game Show booklet I posted above, and canceled only about a month after. I'm assuming this means there are at least two other pieces of media which at least mention this game then.

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  KOF: Battle de Paradise
Posted by: Loïc - 10-11-2018, 01:53 AM - Forum: General - Replies (7)

Anyone have ever tried KOF: Battle de Paradise with neopop ?
At my first try, the emulator crashed the game after a few rounds :

Invalid register code used.
Stopped due to instruction
   20FFFF: ADC WA,(1--(null))      "D4 C0 90"

That's the first time I encounter such error in neopop. Does the game have known issues ?

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  Looking for KOF: Battle de Paradise "save file"
Posted by: Chael - 02-05-2017, 10:59 PM - Forum: General - Replies (1)

Anyone has a backup save with all or most mini games unlocked and could send it to me by private message, so I can use it on the flashmasta?

I tried the various rom websites but no luck.

As in most party-games I enjoy the minigames but not really the board-game part.

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  Card Fighters' Clash 2 "Secret" decks
Posted by: raohmaru - 08-21-2016, 08:50 AM - Forum: General - Replies (2)

Hi all,

Extracting the decks from the ROM I found seven decks that are not used anywhere in the actual game.

Decks 18 & 19 contain only D-rarity character cards.
Decks 35, 38 & 39 contain more action and reaction cards than the regular decks.
Deck 37 has no action cards.

Not sure if they were left in the ROM intentionally, maybe for debugging purposes, or they were planned as alternate decks for some characters.
Or just an easter egg put there for rom hackers Tongue

Quote:Deck #18 @ 0x00062a32
Bob (x3), Tsugumi (x3), Lee Pylon (x3), Genan (x2), Basara (x3), Taizan (x2), Chin Gensai (x3), Choi (x2), Chris (x2), Vice (x2), Juzo (x2), Amano (x3), Lee Rekka (x3), Hibiki (x3), Carol (x3), Guy Tendo (x2), Tarma (x2), Fio (x3), Roddy (x2), Cathy (x2)

Deck #19 @ 0x00062a5a
Dee Jay (x2), Cammy (x2), Adon (x2), Rolento (x2), Juni (x2), Retsu (x3), Lee (x3), Lilith (x2), Al & Iven (x3), Ayame (x2), Mai Ling (x2), Wang Tang (x3), Rouge (x3), Ginzu Ninja (x3), Baby Head (x3), Rush (x3), Proto Man (x3), Mega Man X (x2), Arthur (x3), Michelle H (x2)

Deck #35 @ 0x00062e9c
Hon Fu (x2), King (x2), Eiji (x3), Asra (x3), Choi (x3), Takato (x2), B Jenet (x3), Hotaru (x3), Raiden (x2), Hinako (x3), Felicia (x2), Heritage (x2), Best Shot (x2), Lucky Kitty (x2), Round 2 (x2), Pride (x2), Mischief (x2), No Tricks (x2), Fellowship (x2), Money Maker (x2), Scan (x2), Go Home (x2)

Deck #36 @ 0x00062ec8
E Honda (x2), Blanka (x2), Dhalsim (x2), M Bison (x2), Cammy(xD), (x2), Chun-Li(xA), (x2), Rose (x2), Gen (x2), Q-Bee (x3), Lilith (x2), Kenji (x2), Akira- (x2), Ryoma (x2), Omokan Saki (x2), Roll (xM), (x2), Son Son (x2), Shin Gouki (x2), Makeover (x1), Pester (x1), Management (x1), Last Resort (x1), Shopping (x1), Laundry (x1), Synchro (x1), Dregs (x1), Lunch Rush (x1), Face Off (x1), Lend A Hand (x1), 3 Sisters (x1), Lucky Card (x1), Who's Taller (x1), Wanna Gimme (x1)

Deck #37 @ 0x00062f08
Joe (x2), Mr Karate (x2), Nakoruru (x2), Terry(xT), (x2), Jhun Hoon (x2), Demitri (x2), Felicia (x2), Hsien-Ko (x2), B B Hood (x2), Haggar (x2), Damnd (x2), Claire (x2), Bilstein (x2), Rock (x2), Roll (x2), M Bison (x2), Juni (x2), Juli (x2), Q (x2), Tron Bonne (x2), Fellowship (x1), Money Maker (x1), Scan (x1), Go Home (x1), Face Off (x1), Lend A Hand (x1), 3 Sisters (x1), Lucky Card (x1), Who's Taller (x1), Wanna Gimme (x1)

Deck #38 @ 0x00062f44
Joe (x3), Eiji (x3), Ryu (x3), Chun-Li(xA), (x3), Rose (x3), Ryoma (x3), Al & Iven (x2), Tron Bonne (x3), Psyche Up! (x3), Lucky Kitty (x2), Abduction (x2), Heritage (x2), Mischief (x2), Last Resort (x2), Shopping (x2), Striker (x2), Ferocity (x2), Power Stone (x2), Overdoing It (x2), Money Maker (x2), 3 Sisters (x2)

Deck #39 @ 0x00062f6e
Mr Big (x2), Eiji (x2), Chizuru (x2), Akari(xS), (x1), Mukuro (x1), Akari (x1), Gato (x2), Haohmaru (x2), Rugal (x2), Krizalid (x2), Zero (x3), God Rugal (x2), Anakaris (x1), Mega Man (x2), Edge (x3), Hyo (x3), ESP (x2), Substitute (x2), Curse (x2), Shadow (x2), Successor (x2), Clone (x2), Robber (x3), Amnesia (x2), Art Swap (x2)

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  back collecting for ngpc!!!
Posted by: darpod - 01-13-2016, 12:06 AM - Forum: General - Replies (2)

Had one back when they launched in uk with puzzle bobble, turf masters and motm.
Sadly let it go a few years later Undecided Recently got back into retro collecting after selling my entire retro collection in 2010 to go travelling for a year grrr!
Anyway sorry to ramble!
I have the following so far:
Carbon ngpc
kof rd2
samurai showdown 2
fatal fury cib
puyo pop
turf masters
metal slug 1st
pac man cib
pocket tennis color cib
neo geo cup 98 + cib

Trying to collect as many clamshell uk as I can, but its proving tougher than expected and costlier! All my games are uk versions, anyone know anywhere I can find empty boxes would help (and proper box scans, not the ds box ones) so I can have them all looking lovely on the shelf!
I forgot how good a system this was back in the day and am loving recollecting now!

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  Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure
Posted by: MartiusR - 09-01-2015, 07:00 AM - Forum: General - Replies (1)

[Image: 4a9d9090e1b4c932gen.jpg]
It's photo of mine StH Pocket Adventure, yay!

I didn't noticed thread about this game, so it's time to create one, especially since it's one of the finest of all NGPC games Smile

Looking on this one from perspective of someone who is fan of Sonic series- it's a really odd and rare specimen. Published in 1999 on handheld of totally different producer (SNK), maybe it's not something completely new (there was Sonic Jam on Game.com, but please, let's skip this one Tongue), but still, it's before Sega went into developing games for other platforms, due to their resignation from "hardware".

And despite it's looking like some "rip-off" from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 + music from StH3/S&K, it still has its own identity. And it's really enjoyable! The physics is working quite well (it's quite impressive, since it's handheld from 1999), level design is satisfactory, music is quite nice... It's a real shame though, that there is only one playable character. And not too many levels. Yeah, there is this time attack mode (in two variations), and puzzles to collect, but still, you feel that it's a really nice game and want more of it...

It's a minor thing, but for someone who is fascinated in Sonic, it's still a nice trivia - while the overall graphic style is refering to MD titles with Sonic, the graphic in menu (especially in additional modes) presenting the "new" Sonic, from graphic materials for Sonic Adventure (you know, the one with longer legs and arms, less chubby etc).

Its definitelly one of these titles on NGPC, which really deserves for all these positive notes and opinions. And despite controller of NGPC (which is not too good option for classic 2D platformers), I think that it's up to this day the one of the most interesting "mobile" Sonic games from the end of XXth century.

Since it's my first post - hello everyone!

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  Link Cable Port Information
Posted by: vaguilar - 08-24-2015, 11:21 AM - Forum: General - Replies (2)

Does anyone know of any technical docs for the link cable port on the NGPC? Perhaps a pinout diagram or a description of the protocol. I haven't been able to find anything on it.

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  SNK's "Yosaku" Arcade Game Found IN KoF:BdP
Posted by: Flavor - 06-19-2015, 01:48 AM - Forum: General - Replies (5)

SNK's first arcade title Yosaku, circa 1978, has been found in The King of Fighters: Battle de Paradise NGPC cart.


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