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RE: SQRXZ on NGPC - Usutaru-Chan - 04-20-2013

Good job! Wink

RE: SQRXZ on NGPC - Morden - 05-15-2014

So, now that Sqrxz IV is out, it's time for Sqrxz Pocket! Has there been any progress at all? I'm still super excited about this.

RE: SQRXZ on NGPC - sodthor - 05-23-2014

You're right, nothing new on this game for too long...
Need to find time and motivation Smile

RE: SQRXZ on NGPC - Loïc - 05-23-2014

I wish I could help you to find some motivation, your little demo was quite appealing !

RE: SQRXZ on NGPC - Louie - 05-23-2014

Count me in as being excited as well!

RE: SQRXZ on NGPC - Flavor - 05-23-2014

I feel like we need to get Thor some new NGPC development hardware. At one time I sent him an early demo unit, but it never got to him due to an error on the shipping label. Hopefully someone from the mail room is having fun with Neo Geo Pocket.

RE: SQRXZ on NGPC - sodthor - 11-18-2014

Rom updated on drop box:
less jumpy, enemies collision, death animations...

RE: SQRXZ on NGPC - Loïc - 11-19-2014

Nice to see an update.


RE: SQRXZ on NGPC - xylkz - 09-06-2018

Does someone still has the rom?

RE: SQRXZ on NGPC - Loïc - 09-07-2018

If I find some time, I'll search for the latest one.