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WonderWitch Magical Book - mic_ - 04-24-2013

Has this ever been scanned or released digitally? If not, I could probably provide scans at some point if my old scanner still works.

For those who don't know, this is a book that came bundled with the WonderWitch and contains information (in Japanese) about the SW development tools and WonderWitch's FreyaOS/FreyaBIOS.

RE: WonderWitch Magical Book - Morden - 04-24-2013

mic_ Wrote:Has this ever been scanned or released digitally?

If it has, I know nothing about it, but I think it's safe to say that no one bothered. Do you have a WonderWitch kit, or just the book?

RE: WonderWitch Magical Book - mic_ - 04-24-2013

I've got the whole kit:

[Image: ww.jpg]

The "Magical Book" is the one at the top right. The one in the top middle ("Wonderswan game programming") is a slightly longer book (about 250 pages) about WonderWitch development, with code examples and such.

RE: WonderWitch Magical Book - Morden - 04-24-2013

mic_ Wrote:I've got the whole kit

Nice! The obvious follow-up questions are: How long have you had it for, and did you manage to mess around with it? It's nice to see one of these in the hands of a coder rather than a collector. The world of WonderWitch is largely unexplored by western programmers. It's a shame that WonderWitch project files are really hard to come by these days. Except for the high-profile stuff, like Judgement Silversword: RE.

RE: WonderWitch Magical Book - mic_ - 04-24-2013

I bought it a couple of years ago from a Japanese guy. I haven't found the time yet to actually do anything with it. I've basically just checked that the carts work (I've got 2 carts, but only one linker cable), and briefly checked out some of the software tools that came with it.

RE: WonderWitch Magical Book - Morden - 04-24-2013

I know I said it before, but I would love to see WonderWitch functionality being integrated into Flavor's flash cartridge. Is it at all possible to have something like this coexisting with the capability of flashing "commercial" images?

I know it's not as simple as having the internal data of the WonderWitch dev cartridge serving as a base, with project files, which you would otherwise transfer via PC and WW software, being injected into said data.

Would this work, anyway? Dumping the WW dev cartridge contents and making it "bootable" on a flash cartridge, and making a ROM builder that can inject WonderWitch homebrew?

RE: WonderWitch Magical Book - jeeron - 07-17-2014

here is the english translation for wonderwitch faq :

RE: WonderWitch Magical Book - Flavor - 10-23-2015

By the way, I've tried to make the new WS Flash Masta cart compatible with WonderWitch Freya. It's untested thus far, as I don't own a WonderWitch, but I'm hoping that it'll work well that way.