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GB Multi-ROM - Morden - 12-12-2013

So, I got myself a 32 megabit Smartboy cartridge, and I was wondering if anyone of you guys knows of a tool that would combine several smaller games / program into one image.

EMS and other cartridges had their own software for doing that, but those menus are incompatible. I dumped first page of an EMS cartridge, and even though the menu did boot fine on the Smartboy, the games didn't load at all. Same with multi-ROM images compiled using DGB Max. They don't work under emulators, either.

Any ideas, tools or simple enough solutions?

RE: GB Multi-ROM - Flavor - 01-08-2019

I don't know anything about that cart, but the cart hardware itself would need to support some sort of bank switching to make it possible, I think. It would also need some sort of menu or way to select which bank you wanted to boot to.

I did a quick search and found this

They seem to suggest that (in 2009) it did not have any sort of menu like that.