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GBA emulator fails - sixbras - 02-25-2017

Hi Everyone,

My name is sixbras, and i live in Paris France.
I'm new to retropie, it's my first set up using this software.

I've ordered 2 GPA kits v2.0, and i have build the first one yesterday. (i will make another subject for my build)

I've installed SD from the link i found in the document, and i had roms using USB stick. I add 4 roms PC-ENGINE (.pce) and 6 roms GBA (.gba)
I add no bios. (EDIT : i've just made a new try with "[BIOS] Game Boy Advance (World).gba" added in the bios folder. Same issue)

When i launch pcengine games everything work fine.
when i launch gba, every game exit without launching.

Any help welcome

RE: GBA emulator fails - Flavor - 02-26-2017

The short answer is to install the GBA BIOS.

One issue is that you must have the proper BIOS file. I think it is easy to have the incorrect file (or in the incorrect location).

It is also possible that you can have an incorrect emulator or configuration selected.

I have seen people asking about this issue many times on

RE: GBA emulator fails - sixbras - 02-26-2017

With the right BIOS it's work fine now.

Thks !!!