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Audio Issue - Freeplay zero - Matthew98 - 11-19-2017

Hi! i just completed my freeplay zero build, everything went fine but my audio seems messed up. There is a constant static, popping sound coming from the speaker when audio isn't being played. As soon as I launch a game, it plays the game audio but a little distorted. I tried plugging in headphones and only get audio coming out in the left ear. Any suggestions? Thanks!

RE: Audio Issue - Freeplay zero - Flavor - 11-19-2017

See if you can tell if there is any pressure on the volume wheel. Maybe take those screws out from around that area and see if it alleviates any pressure. Then with your thumb actuate it back-and-forth a bunch of times.

Did you try it before you put the shell together at all?

RE: Audio Issue - Freeplay zero - Flavor - 11-19-2017

Do you have some foam between the speaker and the circuit board? The speaker could be shorting out something on the circuitry. Also maybe check the connection where the speaker wires solder to the circuit board. Could there be something shorting out or making a poor connection?

Maybe you could share/email some photos of this area.

RE: Audio Issue - Freeplay zero - Matthew98 - 11-20-2017

I am using the foam that came stuck to the back of the speaker when I got the kit. There was some pressure on the volume wheel but I fixed it and removed the case completely but still have to same issue. The wires going from the speaker and into the FPZ are covered in hot glue but from what I can tell, they are connected right. Would it be ok to just remove the hot glue to get a better look? I took the speaker out of the case completely but it still makes the same noise. The noise is like a static that has popping sounds in it. The pitch of the static changes ever once and while as well and I hear a loud pop every time I launch a game or shut down the system. The weird thing is that it works when audio is being played from a game. It's a little bit fuzzy but hardly noticeable. I also tried the headphone jack but the same thing happens. I tried installing a new image but that didn't change anything. I will email you pictures of that area and a video of the noise. Thanks for your help! -Matt

RE: Audio Issue - Freeplay zero - Flavor - 11-20-2017

For anyone else that reads this thread, Matt sent some videos and photos via email. We will get this worked out via email and then post the result when we have it fixed.

RE: Audio Issue - Freeplay zero - Flavor - 11-20-2017

By the way, the hot glue is there mainly to keep the wires from breaking. That’s a weak point if the wires swing back and forth. I really doubt that removing it would help anything, but it probably wouldn’t hurt anything either.

RE: Audio Issue - Freeplay zero - Flavor - 12-05-2017

We worked with Matthew a bit on this (via email) and got to the bottom of the problem.

7400 Wrote:Since you're getting audio out of just the left ear there are a few things we can still check. Do you have a multimeter? If you do you can check continuity from Pin 32 of the Pi to R10 on the side towards the R14 label. If you have connection there check to make sure there is good solder on R10, C13 and C12. Next you could either try to solder a bridge across R9 or use a wire, or for now maybe touch a paper clip, pliers  or something to make an electrical connection across R9. If that doesn’t work then take something to short across the volume wheel as shown in the attached photo.


And then we got this reply from Matthew that he found/fixed the problem.

Matthew98 Wrote:I plugged in my headphones and noticed that the weren't fully engaged so i gave it some extra force and the jack went all the way in and a little piece of black plastic came out the other end. I think there was a piece of plastic inside the headphone jack from the molding that made it so the headphones wouldn't go all the way through. Sound comes out of both ears and all I hear now is some white noise coming from the speaker. Is it normal to have white noise coming out? Hopefully the screeching doesn't come back.

RE: Audio Issue - Freeplay zero - shark - 03-21-2018

My speaker also has the issue and just stopped working entirely. It fixes itself by partially inserting a 3.5mm plug into the port but drops out for no apparent reason; pressure on the volume wheel doesn't seem to have an impact.

RE: Audio Issue - Freeplay zero - Flavor - 03-21-2018

Hey shark!

If you plug a headphone in all the way, do the headphones work fine?

RE: Audio Issue - Freeplay zero - shark - 03-25-2018

(03-21-2018, 02:30 AM)Flavor Wrote: Hey shark!

If you plug a headphone in all the way, do the headphones work fine?

Nope - plugging all the way results in the single ear issue described above. I'll try shorting to see if it addresses the headphone issue.