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RE: Recalbox - Flavor - 03-13-2018

Hey 99.1% Pure,
That was my goal, but it is not as clear of a path as I had hoped. I still don't have the button input driver in a usable state for RecalBox, so I'm sorry to say that I can't offer anything at the moment. The button driver is based on a project originally from RecalBox, so it shouldn't be difficult for someone to compile it there. I just haven't got that far and other tasks were getting left behind.

RE: Recalbox - 99.1% Pure - 03-31-2018

Hey Flavor,

Something news ?

Have a good day

RE: Recalbox - Flavor - 04-04-2018

No. Unfortunately, this has gone to the back burner again. I have been traveling all last week, and now I need to catch up on several other projects. We do have some exciting things coming, but I can (sadly) not give much effort to RecalBox for the time being.

RE: Recalbox - 99.1% Pure - 04-19-2018

May be soon ?

Thanks for your job

RE: Recalbox - Cleantex (Dragu) - 07-12-2018

Hi Ed,

I am long time user of Recalbox under different aspects, Bartop, Nespi and now GBA. So you know that last month I ordered (oversea) a CM3 kit, and build it together. I study your first approach to Recalbox with CM3, and have it running well with no special system modifications of the kernel. Just plain Recalbox, with the bcm2710-rpi-cm3.dtb CM3 driver. Team was also making some efforts on mk_arcade_joystick_rpi.ko driver, and now the gpio's are custom in standard Recalbox. I use Shoulder button R as Hotkey combination, people that use Recalbox knows, this is very suitable as no hotkey combination exist with R.
I want to make further improvements, first replace the waveshare32b.dtbo by ILI9341, and integrate the optional brightness controller.
But as now, basic is running. And for sure also with PIZero.
My thread in Recalbox Forum is here :



RE: Recalbox - Flavor - 07-12-2018

Cleantex (Dragu),

Oh, wow! This is great news. Thank you so much. I will go check the Recalbox thread!

RE: Recalbox - Flavor - 07-13-2018

Dragu, When you said that you would like to replace the waveshare32b.dtbo with the ILI9341 driver, did you mean this one? It is quite nice. We have it available in our latest RetroPie SD image, if you want to try it.

RE: Recalbox - Cleantex (Dragu) - 07-16-2018

(07-13-2018, 08:41 AM)Flavor Wrote: Dragu, When you said that you would like to replace the waveshare32b.dtbo with the ILI9341 driver, did you mean this one?  It is quite nice.  We have it available in our latest RetroPie SD image, if you want to try it.

Yes exactly, fbcp-ili9341. And after 2 dozens of compilations I arrive to adapt it to the viewport at 100%. So speed,
and also running under Recalbox. As this quick screen driver is also a +, but have no influence on the kernel, Recalbox stays
100% original.

Before stretching :

[Image: GBA_Rbox_03.jpg]

After :

[Image: GBA_Rbox_04.jpg]

[Image: GBA_Rbox_05.jpg]

[Image: GBA_Rbox_06.jpg]

[Image: GBA_Rbox_07.jpg]

RE: Recalbox - 99.1% Pure - 07-17-2018

Hi @Cleantex (Dragu) and @Flavor,

I see it's moving and it's great news!

Dragu, I read your posts also on the official forum recalbox and I am happy to see that someone capable is interested in the adaptation of RecalBox on CM3.

I now have a question: Can I hope, when you get there, to have an SD image of a functional recalbox?

Thank you

RE: Recalbox - Cleantex (Dragu) - 07-17-2018

Hi, for me no problem to provide you an image, but I am not yet finished and work on a modified release from 30.03.18, that I use also on my bartop and that is error free. But I must finish still the story of the background brightness controller and a few other. Shutdown with powerswitch I dont need, as in Recalbox I always use menu to end. Hotkey I put on shoulderbutton R, as this is used in no combination with Hotkey in Recalbox. I will also modify fonts from this AlekFull theme, hyperspin. And my Image has for the moment 64GB, so some job to reduce it to normal. If you have a 64GB card, I can always save the image for you somewhere, without the missing things to do.