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RE: Recalbox - 99.1% Pure - 07-17-2018

@Cleantex (Dragu) ,

you are a a power monster, but I am french, so world champion !!!

If you agree to give me your functional 64gb I am grateful for your best version!

Again thanks to you

RE: Recalbox - Flavor - 07-17-2018

While I am quite happy that this is moving along nicely, I am not French or a World Cup Champion.  I, however, am wearing my only French shirt today, as a show of respect.

RE: Recalbox - 99.1% Pure - 07-17-2018

Smile  Smile  Smile  Smile  Smile

RE: Recalbox - Cleantex (Dragu) - 07-17-2018

I am Luxembourgish, so one thing that is sure, we will never win the World Cup, but ....
we already win a few times the Tour de France. Smile 

I just upload a compressed image of 64GB that has always about 600MB size to one of my sites.
It will take time to download and I hope that Etcher can deal with it. I was making the copy with Win32Imager and compressed after.
It is working but only 32GB free, because it is very preliminary. Dosbox also inside as most performant version that I use.
What I dont know, if you have brightness controller in your Freeplaytech GBA. This is not yet inside the "release".

RE: Recalbox - 99.1% Pure - 07-18-2018


you're the king !!!

Your image is perfect !

I have RecalBox on my GBA, it's awesome

And in my version i don't have brightness controler ... so it's perfect

thanks a lot

RE: Recalbox - Flavor - 07-18-2018

I shrank the image under 3GB, and I'm now flashing it to a 16GB SD. I'll let you know how it goes.

RE: Recalbox - Cleantex (Dragu) - 07-18-2018

For the brightness controller I have small idea, as it seems gpio 8 is triiggered when you push short during powered GBA the Power Switch. As HK plays less role in Recalbox this could be used to start the brightness controller that generate a pop-up window. I think this could work and also again no modifications necessary in Recalbox. I want to arrive to the state of just a handfull of addons to a standard RB installation. For the moment is really not alot as the new mk_arcade_joystick.ko is full custom descripted in the recalbox.conf configuration file. Same as fbcp-ili9341 what is just an executable. As I told, my mods are based on a release from 300318, in between also netplay integrated. But I am in  general always some versions behind and like this they are mostly errorfree.  Sleepy

RE: Recalbox - Flavor - 07-18-2018

For anyone that wants to try this on a smaller (4GB or less, maybe) SD card, I have shrunk the image and uploaded it at

I tried DOOM quickly, and it seemed to work well. Otherwise, it is fairly untested (by me).

RE: Recalbox - Cleantex (Dragu) - 07-19-2018


What I still try to understand, how your momentary Hotkey is working, I suppose some relation with gpio 20, that is triggered in config.txt to maintain power. But -20 is an error in my mk_arcade  driver. So what exactly make the difference with other gpio buttons ?

RE: Recalbox - Flavor - 07-19-2018

My mk_arcade is edited (by me) specifically for use with the Freeplay Zero/CM3. The code that RecalBox uses is different. It does not handle the negative number. In my code, the negative number means that the logic is reversed. Most of the buttons go low (to ground/GND) when pressed. The power button is different (because of its usage for booting the system). It goes to VCC (applies power) when pressed.

The base mk_arcade code assumes that all the GPIO buttons are high until they are pressed and then they go low (GND). My version of the code can be found at
It also (as of recently) has support for analog input (like PSP1000 sticks) using a specific A2D converter.

My version also has the option to treat the hotkey as a toggle.

The typical way is to just have a bunch of buttons and then (in RetroPie/Recalbox) define one of them as a hotkey. This button, when held, puts the system in hotkey mode so that you can press another button (at the same time) to get hotkey functionality.

My version allows you to define a hotkey toggle mode where the hotkey is pressed-and-released to put the driver into hotkey mode. Once in hotkey mode, the next button that is pressed gets put together with the hotkey button to be presented as a button combo. I know it's a bit confusing, but it was done to allow the power button to have this extra functionality that doesn't conflict with the power-down functionality of holding the power button.