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SNES controller inspired - jakejm79 - 12-14-2017

My build:

[Image: fsYyW5M.jpg]

[Image: ssKTJbk.jpg]

The side trim and L/R buttons will probably be switched to black (my ebay order was missing L/R buttons in black so am waiting on replacements).

I also have some cartridge blanks coming in the mail to try and clean up the top and hide the ports.

And for completeness, next to its older brother:
[Image: 0rw8iug.jpg]

RE: SNES controller inspired - Flavor - 12-15-2017

That turned out very nice! I actually like the red surrounds, but I agree that it is probably less SNES that way.

I also have wondered about trying to dye the START/SELECT somehow. I've seen a lot of builds that have a specific look and then the STA/SEL are just the normal gray (which I totally understand why). A while back, I remember seeing something where they were using hair or maybe clothing dye to change the look of silicon buttons.

Oh yeah, I just Googled, and here it is.

RE: SNES controller inspired - jakejm79 - 12-15-2017

Thanks Ed, I will check out that, I actually have a spare set of silicone pads/start/select button maybe I will try dying those before I pull it all apart. I was thinking about a permanent marker, but I think the dye might be better.

RE: SNES controller inspired - jakejm79 - 12-19-2017

Black shoulder buttons came in, now just have to dye the start/select buttons and make a cover from a blank cartridge. I think it looks a little more refined in black
[Image: bhzi8uk.jpg]
[Image: 4TDQbQD.jpg]
[Image: qI2iBvZ.jpg]
and wrapped it its brother from another mother
[Image: m7cjNwi.jpg]

RE: SNES controller inspired - Flavor - 12-20-2017

Nice! And I really want to see how that dye goes!