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Protect Your Handheld - spideyk21 - 01-26-2018

I have been searching for the perfect travel case for the two FreePlay Zeros that I built for my kids. I was able to find, what I think is, the perfect case on Amazon. After double checking the inside dimensions for a handfull of case I landed on the HDE Shock Proof case, one Black and one Pink. It fits the handheld like a glove, and there is even room for the USB/Mag cord.


RE: Protect Your Handheld - Flavor - 01-27-2018

Oh, nice, and they only about $8 each. Good find! Thanks!

RE: Protect Your Handheld - djennerman - 01-27-2018

I've been looking for a case for my FPZ and was considering these. I got one ordered and on the way. Thank you.