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White Line on Screen - petraiwe - 02-21-2018

I built my Zero about two weeks ago. After a significant time playing on the device (~25 hours), my screen developed a thin, vertical white line on the far left side of the screen. I've tried updating the drivers, but that did not solve the problem. Is there anything I can do to fix this or do I have a faulty screen?

EDIT/UPDATE: I recently tried a fresh install to no avail. I also opened up the Zero and checked the connection between the screen and the PCB. That appeared fine, but I redid it anyway. No help there, either.

RE: White Line on Screen - Flavor - 02-22-2018

Hey petraiwe!

First, I'm sorry that I didn't get to reply sooner.

The white line is most likely a problem with the LCD itself. We test each LCD before we ship them, so we know that they are good before shipping. It is curious why yours has developed this after so much use. I wish there were a way to determine what has happened. If you have any clues, please let me know.

Could you please go to and open a SUPPORT inquiry there? If possible, please attach a photo showing the line you're talking about, so we can be sure it's what I think you're talking about.

RE: White Line on Screen - petraiwe - 02-22-2018

I'll open an inquiry when I get home from work so I can get some pictures for you. Unfortunately, I have no idea how or why it would develop either. Despite my general clumsy nature, it hasn't experienced any drops or falls. I haven't traveled with it yet, either, so it hasn't really left my couch/end table since I built it.

What is most bizarre is that the line developed while I was playing a game. To be clear, it wasn't there when I started playing, but I noticed it after about ten minutes of playing. Since opening the shell back up and reassembling it, I have noticed two more vertical lines have appeared. I have one on the far left of the screen and two more slightly to the right of the first. These new lines also formed while playing. Although I am liable to get animated while playing NHL '94, I didn't violently shake the housing or anything, so I'm completely at a loss as to why these new lines would develop.

With laptops you sometimes see this when the ribbon cable gets damaged. The repeated opening and closing of the laptop can cause this over time. I don't think that's the case here, though. Upon inspection, the ribbon cable looks normal, it's properly seated, and it shouldn't move significantly with the case closed anyway, so I have no idea how it would get damaged.

I apologize for not being much help. I'm just totally at a loss and was hoping someone else had worked through a similar issue.

RE: White Line on Screen - Flavor - 02-22-2018

That's good info even if it doesn't propose a solution. Please open the inquiry when you have a chance, and we'll go from there. Unfortunately, I don't think there's an easy fix.

RE: White Line on Screen - ewells - 04-12-2018


I just received my CM3 from Retro Modding and on the first few boots everything was fine. I started adding roms and trying games out and after a couple of hours playing with it, a vertical white line appeared in the center of the screen. I tried a fresh install of the image from the Freeplaytech Setup page and the line is still there. Here's an image of how it looks...


Any ideas?


RE: White Line on Screen - Flavor - 04-12-2018

Hey ewells! I don’t think that this can be solved via software or reconfiguring anything. Please open a support ticket at so we can get it worked out.